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This site is written in Japanese only but you can enjoy illustrations.
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Site Map

map11:This is main illustration gallery. But littlebit ah... maze.XQ
2:This is offline event info in Japan and Texas U.S.A. that I'm participating.
map2a:This is my blog. Using update photo and diary.
b:There is Manga room!
map4C:My self-introduce.
D:Diary and Anime Con's report is here.
E:My Tegaki(hand drawing) blog page.

Also I have page of Twitter, deviantArt and Red Karaoke. Please check it! ('w'*

Need commissions!? Commissions room is here!!!

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If you knew the KIRIBAN's mean and get the number, please tell me on BBS or mail-form!

This site and my profile

Karebana -the potpourric dream- http://kamakura.cool.ne.jp/fujinorenka/karebana/
since:04/Oct./2000 My birthday too. Ah, only DAY.
webmaster:Renka Fujino@Japanese Illustrater and Manga artist. I live in Texas.
Use to draw:Print paper, ink pen (maru-pen and school pen), Painter Classic (for coloring) and Photoshop Elements 2.0 (for some dressing).
I can't speak English very well. Sorry for my poor English...

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